Friday, August 10, 2012

Computer Lab Posters and "Techno Lovin' Birds" Theme

The school year is nearly upon us! It is time to create an inviting learning environment in the computer lab. I have decided to go with a variation of the popular angry birds theme which I am calling "Techno Lovin' Birds." Our campus mascot is the roadrunner so this theme will be perfect for my grade K-5 students. Since my school mandates that 75% of the room be comprised of authentic student work, I have to give careful consideration to the content of the remaining 25%.

My first task was to search and locate the font that is used for angry birds. I discovered that it is called Feast of the Flesh and can be downloaded for free (always a great thing for teachers!).

Since angry birds are so simple to create, I used the shape tool and made a roadrunner variation. Here is the poster that will be placed over my classroom sofa to create a collaborative work space. (I will be happy to share any of my editable documents if you would like them. Just shoot me an email using my address below).

I also need to post the 3-2-1 grading scale used and our classroom rules or, as I have called them, technology reminders.

Other excellent sources that I have found for lab posters:

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