Monday, December 3, 2012

Kindergarten's QR-Coded Audio Letters to Santa

So excited to begin a new project with my Kindergarten students that will involve creating QR-coded audio letters to Santa. The project will begin by having the students create a picture of Santa using a drawing tool such as KidPix or Tux Paint. The picture will be saved and then printed.

The next step will be to brainstorm what students might say if they could talk to Santa. Since most of my students are English language learners (ELLs) it is important for us to practice speaking as much as possible. Students will use Vocaroo to record their own audio letter to Santa.

online audio recorder

Not only is Vocaroo simple for little ones to use (one button to click to record) but the sharing options are fabulous! There is a QR code link (see bottom, right corner in the image below) that easily converts the audio recording to a QR code.

Vocaroo has no limit as to the length of the recordings, but I will try to keep my students' messages under 1 minute. The Vocaroo site stores the audio files online for a short time (I have had one that has lasted for a couple of weeks). There are, however, numerous download options available if there is a desire to keep an audio file permanently.

The final step will be to print the QR code and attach it to the student's drawing. We will post these as a hallway bulletin board display and then send the completed project home as a Christmas gift for parents to enjoy.

Here is a sample:


Scan the QR code and listen for yourself!

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